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November 19, 2015

CSU-SETCU Contract Negotiations Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please Click Here to view a PDF of the latest update on CSU-SETCU contract negotiations.

November 12, 2015

PERB Ruling on Protected Activity-CSUSB

Please see enclosed PERB decision ruling in favor of SETCU.

Carl Kimberlin

Business Manager

November 9, 2015

CSU Monterey Bay Arbitration Victory

See enclosed award.

Carl Kimberlin

Business Manager

September 29, 2015


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is with a sad heart that I bring to you the news that John Panasuk has passed. John worked in Student Housing at CSU Northridge as a Maintenance Mechanic for 18 years.
Click here to view his John Panasuk's obituary.

Carl Kimberlin

Business Manager

September 21, 2015

UCI-SETCU Contract Ratification

Dear UCI-SETC Members,

With 107 votes received by the end of voting today at noon, it is my pleasure to announce that UCI-SETCU members overwhelmingly voted yes for this contract. Final tally was 100 yes and only 7 no.

Thank you for voting and thank you for your patience. I know that you have waited since July of 2014 to see new pay raises and better protections in our contract. For that, I want to personally apologize that it took this long but there is a reason that it did. And that reason is, a great contract takes time to craft. We have a five-year contract with the average wage increase percentage of 5% per year. Some of our lowest paid members will see their wages increase by more than 30% over the life of the contract. Not only will we get all of our current members to a single trade rate but this will be guaranteed in the future by the elimination of steps. Outside of the obvious economics in our contract, we have fought to strengthen our sick leave policy, get comp time for the medical center, limited the ability of management to work you out of class, and expanded the boot allowance to multiple pairs instead of just one. We have enhanced our union ability to represent by fighting for more release time and the allowance of more stewards at labor meetings with management.

To be candid, I could go on and on about our achievements, however, the bottom line is, we are much better off today than we were yesterday. Again, this could not have been done without all of the great work done by our bargaining team, the support from our executive board, and most importantly, you, the dues paying member for entrusting us to represent you!


Brian Maloney

UCI Chief Steward
SETCU Executive Board Member

September 19, 2015

CSU-SETCU Contract Negotiations Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Please click here to view a PDF of the latest update on CSU-SETCU contract negotiations.

Carl Kimberlin

Business Manager

September 18, 2015

UC Merced Electrician II Job Posting

Click here to view the details.

Thank you,

Jeff Slayter

UC Merced Chief Steward

September 16, 2015

UCI Ratification Vote on 9/18/15

UCI-SETC Members,

We have received management's final counter to our contract demands. We feel that this is sufficient enough to bring to you for a ratification vote this Friday, September 18th.

We will have the ratification voting at the UCI Medical Center this Friday, Sept. 18, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Building 20, then on the same date at the UCI main campus we will have the ratification voting at Schneiderman Lecture Hall room 200 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.

For anyone who cannot attend these ratification voting times, beginning Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015 at noon, we will have a survey style voting mechanism in place on survey monkey to collect the votes. This will be emailed to everyone at that time.

Click here for a link to the survey.

Thank you,

Brian Maloney

UCI Chief Steward/Bargaining Team Member/
SETCU Executive Board Member

September 10, 2015


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It is with a sad heart that I bring to you the news that Steve Murray has passed. Steve Murray worked at UC Santa Barbara as a Carpenter since 2000. Steve was instrumental in the decertification of 501 earlier this year. Steve's contributions to this union will not be forgotten.

Carl Kimberlin
Business Manager

August 19, 2015

2015 Scholarship Recipients

The deadline for submitting a scholarship application for 2015 closed on June 30, 2015. We'd like to thank you all for submitting your scholarship application essays.

The following scholarship applicants will receive $500 (checks will be mailed out beginning August 20, 2015) from the SETC-United John R. Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund for 2015.

The SETC-United Memorial Scholarships are made possible by a generous commitment from the members of SETC-United who all donate a portion of their member dues to provide permanent scholarship support to students like you, every year. Congratulations again on being selected and best of luck to you as you continue your studies. We look forward to hearing of your success!

  • Name
  • Qualifying Member Campus
  • Jocelyn Alvarado
  • San Francisco
  • Erin Bola
  • UC Irvine
  • Emily Bolka
  • Pomona
  • Brittany Butler
  • Los Angeles
  • Ashley Candia
  • UC Irvine
  • Jonathon Chan
  • San Francisco
  • Jennifer Crane
  • Chico
  • Haylee Curtis
  • Fresno
  • Adam Depetris
  • UC Irvine
  • Denise Diaz
  • UC Los Angeles
  • Sonja Downing
  • UC Merced
  • Gina Drutz
  • UC Los Angeles
  • Dafronjise Ellington
  • UC San Diego
  • Briana Elliott
  • UC San Diego
  • Monica Fernandez
  • San Diego
  • Erik Fredrickson
  • San Diego
  • Dallas Gray
  • Northridge
  • James Griggs
  • Humboldt
  • Angie Hernandez
  • UC San Diego
  • Joseph Huitron
  • UC Los Angeles
  • Mila Koseva
  • UC Irvine
  • Jennifer Ledesma
  • UC Irvine
  • Ravin Marmolejo
  • Long Beach
  • Matt Mason
  • Sacramento
  • Brianna Matias
  • UC San Diego
  • Nicole McEvilly
  • UC Irvine
  • Juan Pulido
  • Stanislaus
  • Justin Randall
  • UC Irvine
  • Anissa Rivera
  • Fullerton
  • Tanner Salvador
  • Long Beach
  • Tracey Schultz
  • Northridge
  • Lainey Slayter
  • UC Merced
  • Hannah Stockler
  • Dominguez Hills
  • Charles Tobin
  • Northridge
  • Tino Todorovic
  • UC San Diego
  • Stephen Watson
  • San Francisco
  • Brennan Whitacre
  • SLO

August 10, 2015

Job Openings at UCSD

Resumes are being accepted for the following Employment opportunities at Resource Management & Planning. For more details about these positions and application procedures, please visit campus human resources website at:

Number 77732 Carpenter, Facilities Management
Click here for more info
Payroll Title: CARPENTER
Department: Facilities Management
Hiring Salary Range: $30.55 hour = $63,788.40 annual
Filing deadline 8/26/2015

Number 77600 Facilities System Operator at Thorton Med Center
Filing deadline 8/18/2015

Number 77704 Plumber Facilities Management.
Filing deadline 8/21/2015

Number 77575 Meter Electrician Facilities Management.
Filing deadline 8/14/2015

More info on jobs can be found on Blink UCSD-- Job Bulletin.

Dave Rogers
UCSD Steward

May 13, 2015

Welcome K8 Skilled Crafts Workers!

University of California, Santa Barbara votes for SETC-United representation.

The skilled crafts workers at UC Santa Barbara have voted to decertify Operating Engineers Local 501 as their exclusive representative. The skilled crafts workers on the UCSB campus began a grass root campaign almost a year ago after dissatisfaction with their representation they had received by Local 501.

Votes were cast and tallied at the PERB Office in Oakland on September 19, 2014.

Local 501 has declined to appeal from the initial decision of the PERB board in favor of SETC-United.

SETC-United will hold its first meeting with the K8 Skilled Craft Workers on Friday, May 15, 2015 in the Facilities Training Center during the lunch hour, noon to 1 p.m.

We will also have our attorney present to explain next steps in transitioning union representation to SETCU.

This will be the fifth University of California campus to be represented by SETC-United. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Carl Kimberlin
Business Manager

April 23, 2015

Report of UCRS Advisory meeting on Feb 17, 2015

UC Members here is an update from the last UCRS Retirement Board meeting. This meeting was attended via conference call.

  • What is being called the conference of two, Governor Brown and U.C. President Janet Napolitano, have been meeting concerning U.C. funding for 2015- 2016 year. The U.C. is asking for more state funding to run the Universities, pay salaries and fund the retirement program. The Governor has asked for concessions such as more transparency within the University, less foreign enrollment, and a look into Executive Salaries and Faculty more in the classrooms. He also mentioned our retirement system and would like to see it go in the direction the state has gone.
  • An update on U.C. path: UCOP has reorganized and a new CEO has been hired to oversee U.C. Path and information Tech and sustainability. This is the third change in U.C. path as far as leadership. They did point out that collective bargaining does have a role in the U.C path system they still plan to roll out this year. The Governor and Napolitano will have a separate meeting on retirement and Faculty workload. The results from these meeting should be known in June. Both sides have been bringing in subject matter experts with them at the meetings.
  • UCRS FINANCIAL REPORT: Economy is strong in the U.S but not the rest of the world. The financial experts expect interest rates to go up. And expect shock from the oil commodities. These will affect market returns on U.C. retirement equity so money is being invested in areas to get the best returns for the UCRS Pension plan. In 2014, 53 billion dollars were in the pension plan. One billion dollars per year are going out to retirements 52.8 billion were earned 53 percent of the money is in equity markets U.S, emerging markets and global equities. For Retirement savings program to many people including our members have their 503B investments going to savings with not much being earned as opposed to investing in equities and balanced funds. The recommendation from the financial CFO is to put money into a balanced fund which will earn more interest and compound your money. Some of the investment funds in the 403b portfolio are going to be removed soon the University is going to streamline the investments available so it is not so confusing to new employees. They will be sending a personalized statement that will guide people as to what funds are being removed and what investments are still available. Workshops on campuses and webinars will be available online. 50 % of employees are using the 403B plan. I hope all of our members especially the tier two members are using and investing in the 403B plan.
  • The nominations are open for the two seats on the UCRS advisory board. The election will happen in May and results will be in June all UCRS members will get a ballot to vote. So keep an eye out for your ballot.
  • The last two Coalition meetings were cancelled so nothing new to report on. UCOP Labor relations did send out an E-mail to the coalition of unions that within 10 days they were going to schedule a coalition meeting regarding benefits. This notice came out last week.

Thanks for letting me be of service.

Dave Rogers
UCSD Steward, UC Union Coalition Representative

March 19, 2015

CSU Unit 6 Global Grievance Layoff Settlement

SETC-United has nearly completed the process of reviewing all of the information and documentation that has been submitted to date, and is currently following up to fill in gaps in information required for us to make our final calculation of each member's individual entitlement. Once we have completed those calculations, each of you will receive an explanation of how your individual entitlement was calculated.

At the same time as we provide the explanation of your individual calculation, we will provide information regarding the process for submitting and resolving any genuine disputes over the calculation of your entitlement, which will be determined by the arbitrator. The dispute resolution process is important to ensure that everyone receives the distribution they are entitled to. However, we will not be able to finalize everyone's individual entitlement until the arbitrator has resolved any and all disputes, so we are going to make that process as quick and efficient as possible.

We appreciate everyone's ongoing cooperation with this process.

Carl Kimberlin
Business Manager

Jennifer Keating, Esq.
Leonard Carder, LLP

March 12, 2015

CSU Initial Proposals for Successor Contract Negotiations with Bargaining Unit 6 (SETU)

As promised, SETCU has just received the CSU Initial Proposals for Successor Contract Negotiations with SETCU. Please Click here to view.

Carl Kimberlin
Business Manager

March 9, 2015

SETC-United John R. Connor Memorial Scholarship

Applications for the SETC-United John R. Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund for 2015 are now being accepted. You must be a registered member to access the scholarship application. If you are a registered member and have forgotten your password, please email and your password will be sent to you. If you need to register, click here. Once you have registered, your membership will need to be approved. You will be notified of your membership by email.

Click here to access the scholarship application.

Thank you.

James Boothe
Chair, Scholarship Committee
(909) 771-9038

March 7, 2015

SETCU-CSU 2015 Initial "Concept" Bargaining Proposals

The SETC-United CSU negotiating team members met on February 17-19, 2015 to prepare and finalize our bargaining proposals based on input from the contract surveys we received statewide as well as input from our bargaining team.

The SETC-United/CSU bargaining team consists of:

Matt Ross, Chief Negotiator (Leonard Carder)
Carl Kimberlin, Business Manager
Ken Sanchez, President
Chris Sprofera, Vice President
Gary Kestel, Recording Secretary
Dave Hagstrom, Executive Board Member
Joe Mendoza, Executive Board Member
James Boothe, Executive Board Member

The bargaining team is scheduled to begin the presentation of our proposals on April 8-9, 2015 as well as establishing the ground rules. As soon as the CSU has presented their proposals to us, we will post on our website.

To read the our initial "concept" proposals for SETC-United, please Click Here

January 7, 2015

Retirement Investments and Strategies

Dear UC Members:

There is a new benefits portal that has classes on retirement investments and strategies for future investment and retirement planning for each campus. This is really helpful to our members and it will also help the new people coming into the university, plan for a retirement, since a big part of it will be how much they save and invest in the retirement program.

Click here to view classes offered and upcoming class schedules.

Dave Rogers
UCSD Steward
UC Union Coalition Representative

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