SETC-United Memorials

In Memory


Business Manager 1982-2009

John served SETC very well as the Fullerton Campus Steward and then Business Manager for SETC for 30 years. His dedication to SETC and it's members during his time with us can not be questioned.

A golden heart stopped beating,
Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He chose to take the best!

John served SETC very well as the Fullerton Campus Steward and then Business Manager for SETC for 30 years. His dedication to SETC and it's members during his time with us can not be questioned. He remained steady and solid during the good times and the bad. He was a good friend to many. He treated everyone he came in contact with, fairly and equally. He leaves BIG shoes to fill. We of the SETC will miss him tremendously. Go in peace Brother John and rest assured that we will carry on what you have started.


Vice President

Brother Ted Gallaway was actively involved with the SETC Executive Board since 1982 during the early founding years of SETC. Brother Ted has served as an Executive Board Member and most recently as the Vice President, the role he has filled for many years.

Brother Ted had contributed a big part of his life to his duties as an SETC officer. He acted as an organizer for SETC and several other Union locals. He provided service to the campus members in most of the CSU and UC campuses. He spent many hours driving from campus to campus to be available for grievances, negotiations, Unit meetings, and general assistance and representation for many of our members. Brother Ted also handled membership and dues and dealt extensively with the Chancellors Office and State Controllers Office on those issues.

He was most recently involved in the political action undertaken by SETC. Brother Ted Gallaway and Executive Board Member Jon Skiles spent several months visiting the State Capitol to lobby for issues that are beneficial to members of SETC. Brother Ted is well known and respected at the Capitol as is demonstrated by the word of condolence sent by staffers and legislators alike.

Brother Ted Gallaway will be missed by all of us. He has left a lasting mark in the history of SETC. Ted was a loyal SETC member, Officer, friend, and most importantly, a member of our extended family.


Long-Time Officer and SJSU Steward

In January 2003, Bill Halloway, a 24-year member of SETC who joined in 1979, decided to retire as a Painter at San Jose State. Bill served in several positions for SETC over the years:

  • Original Board Member of SETC – CSU Division
  • Chief Steward, San Jose; SETC Executive Member
  • SETC Recording Secretary
  • SETC-CSU State-wide Health & Safety Committee
  • SETC History is replete with examples of union trades workers, who weren't afraid to suffer personal attacks and loss of income, layoffs and personal hardship to fight for what is right. Bill Halloway, San Jose State University Painter and long-time Campus Chief Steward, was one such "Union Warrior." Bill spent his entire work life as a member of various unions including the Steelworkers, Teamsters, Painters, and finally SETC. Bill was a "founding member" of SETC Local 1268 and worked with fellow painter, Hector Bermea, the first CSU President of SETC. Bill was a part of every SETC Negotiations team since 1982 when we negotiated the first contract for SETC Unit 6. The first contract went through "Impasse" (mediation and fact-finding) and finished with informational picketing at several campuses throughout the State. Bill was a "founding board member" of SETC-UNITED on July 4, 2002, and its first Recording Secretary.

    Bill was responsible for filing more than 500 grievances in the system, including the historic group grievances on behalf of all the SJSU Painters who were laid off in the early 90's for "lack of work and lack of funds." Bill, himself laid off, continued coming to the SJSU campus everyday to work in the SETC office.

    It was thanks to Bill's diligent work, on behalf of the members that made the difference. While on layoff status, Bill continued to file grievances on the contracting out of Unit 6 work, such as painting, electrical, etc. It took over 2-1/2years for the case to be decided by an Arbitrator. SETC was victorious and all 8 Painters were re-instated with back pay, benefits and seniority. Bill has filed and helped settle grievances totaling over $1,000,000 dollars for our members at several campuses. Bill's legacy will be remembered at San Jose, Hayward, San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Stanislaus, Fresno, Bakersfield and many other CSU campuses.

    In 1988-89 Bill worked with Ted Gallaway, and helped create the SETC-CSU State-wide Health & Safety Committee as part of the historic 1989 Agreement. He helped coordinate Unit 6 asbestos and hazardous waste training by the Union at San Jose and Monterey Bay. In 1988, Bill was instrumental in helping develop the SETC-CSU Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) including the hiring, training and graduation of several Apprentices at San Jose State. Bill's legend will continue to grow for years.

    Art Burgos

    UCLA Facilities Mechanic

    Art began working at UCLA in 1995 as a facilities worker, and was promoted a few years later to his most recent position of facilities mechanic.

    An avid outdoorsman, Art enjoyed fishing, camping, and jet-skiing. He was also a huge fan of Los Angeles area sports. He seldom missed opening day at Dodgers Stadium, and he celebrated Lakers victories as if they were his own.

    Art was an involved and compassionate member of our UCLA family. He coordinated and participated in many outside-of-work activities with his fellow team members, including numerous camping and ski trips, and an interdepartmental softball game between OCHM and University Apartments. Art was also a regular participant in the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) activities sponsored by H&HS.